Not Your Everyday New Year’s Day Reflection

It’s been done and I’m not going to do it to you again. Tell you how wonderful the year past has been and how wonderful the year ahead will be. I believe both past and future statements to be true, but you don’t have to join me in the sentiment. You may not feel like it. You may have a heap of problems piled so high you can’t even see around them to read this. You may be so blissfully happy that you have no need to be reminded. I have been this year, and anticipate in the next year, being smack dab in the middle of either of  those circumstances during one month or another.

So I just hope we get behind each other right now, more fully than we did last year and more completely than ever before. I hope that we all support our clients in what they are trying to accomplish, sell, or champion, instead of fighting against them because creative egos, including my own, are at stake. I say we play nice in social media spaces, and be more aware of the words “social” and “media.” I hope  an encounter with what any of us create in those spaces will be something people want to encounter again and again. I personally plan on petitioning Gmail for a “delay” option, right between “save draft” and “send” to save me from myself. You are welcome to join me. I hope to remember to play an audio of what I am going to say before I say it, and as a friend of mine once said, “forgive someone else before the words even leave their mouth.”

But, I digress into reflection. What is it about turning the page on a calendar from December to January that makes us so eager to do so? Not so much July to August. I look forward to July to August. Mostly because I sit here with popsicle toes and icicle fingers, and also because I want to be someone who looks forward to it all – whether blissfully happy or weighed down with problems. It’s hard. I look back and see how I got to now and feel somewhat exhausted just by today. But I  hold a hope for you and for me that 2011 will reveal the best in each of us, through frustrations in business, months of unemployment, a string of unexpected doctor’s visits, homecoming hugs, pledges of love and promises to do better. I believe all that and more could happen. But you don’t have to join me in the sentiment. I understand. And I’ll wish you a Happy New Year just the same.


One Response to “Not Your Everyday New Year’s Day Reflection”

  1. Pam Says:

    Great post, Aprill.

    Happy New Year!

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