Accidents happen. We hear it all the time. And it’s true all the time. When I hear an ambulance, I try to send up a quick plea of  “Someone needs you, Lord. Help them.” Then I don’t think about it again until I hear another wail of a siren. Until suddenly, it hits close to home.

In the past year, I’ve had two family members involved in horrible accidents. They were okay, but others involved were not. One of the accidents happened over this weekend. A freakish, no-one-would-have-expected-that-to-EVER-happen, like lightening out of the clear blue sky accident. Everyone is suffering. Everyone involved is in a place of pain that is all too much their own. All of us are brokenhearted for them.

I have come close to throwing up over finding a typo. Sweaty palms and an instant sweatstache. Tossing and turning instead of sleeping. Churning stomach and loss of appetite.

This weekend’s events, which most of you will probably never hear about, serve as a reminder of what’s worth getting upset over. I still think my clients deserve my best work and what I do for them is important. But my reaction when things “go wrong” needs to be reflective of the enormity of whatever has occured. Sometimes I’m guilty of killing a fly with a bazooka.

What  happened this weekend is a life-changer for those directly involved. It’s so real it seems unreal. I hardly know what to say or do. Except maybe this – “Someone needs you, Lord. Help them.” And this time not forget so quickly.


One Response to “Enormity”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m so sorry Aprill. I hope everything’s ok. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

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