18 Things To Do During A Southern Winter

  1. Stay in during those cold 50-degree days and clean out, clean up and de-clutter. When in doubt, throw it out! Don’t want but can’t toss that old family heirloom? Put it aside to sneak into their car the next time your kids, nieces, nephews or even second cousins once removed visit.
  1. Embrace your fleece with abandon. It’s the flip-flops of winter.
  1. Wish for snow at Christmas
  1. Feed the birds. Concede to the squirrels.
  1. Go to the movies on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  1. Celebrate all winter holidays, occasions, sports events or reward shows. Put it on your calendar, plan special food, and do not be ashamed when you Just. Get. So. Aggravated! when that silly Pekingese takes Best in Show over the noble beagle. For example.
  1. Do NOT get the flu. If someone near you coughs or sneezes, hold your breath for 10 seconds. Wash your hands until they are raw, chapped and scaly. At church, a fist bump passes the peace just as well as a handshake.
  1. Grill out. That’s right. Take advantage of those 60+-degree days (you know we’ll have one or two or twelve) and enjoy the taste of summer mid-January.
  1. Eat less. Exercise more. Spring clothes are in full bloom by the end of January. And so am I.
  1. Make some kind of homemade soup once a week. Experiment with recipes and seasonal ingredients. Depending on how much it makes, you could have lunch wrapped up for the rest of winter.
  1. Hope for snow.
  2. Hear the “S” word from the local meteorologist, run out to buy bread and milk. The next morning, make the kids French toast before putting them on the school bus.
  1. Schedule a trip to a place where there is snow.
  1. If you have dogs, take a cue from them to nap more; bark less.
  1. Read and drink tea and/or coffee as much as you possibly can.
  1. On a cold winter evening, book that summer beach house!
  1. Post a picture on Facebook of your last warm weather vacation and make people jealous because they think you are there now. You didn’t SAY you were there, now did you?
  1. By President’s Day, just go ahead and pray for snow. Spring is less than a month away.







One Response to “18 Things To Do During A Southern Winter”

  1. Linda Copeland Says:

    I so enjoyed the List of Things to During a Southern Winter! I have to say that my favorite suggestion was how to get rid of a family heirloom that is taking up space, but hard to discard!

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