The Best Thing I Ever Ate

The best thing I ever ate was actually not very good. It was during 3rd grade recess at William Biles Elementary School, and I was determined. And that determination was matched by my friend Lisa’s. So, we sat with our recess snacks and discussed it. We had tried the sharp end of a safety pin, but you would be surprised how hard and tough  10-year-old tomboys’ little hands could be. I’m not sure what else we had devised that didn’t work. It was a long time ago.

I popped the top of my Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding, absently spooned some in and kept thinking. How could we do it? How could we become REAL blood sisters? Then, I looked at the tin lid dangling from my finger by the pull ring, and I had it.

Soon, a group of girls had gathered, and the pressure was on. I licked the lid clean (yes, I did), held my right index finger out and slashed it with the edge of the tin lid in my left hand. It had worked. I’m sure there were squeamish screams from the audience, but intent, Lisa hurriedly took the lid and did the same. We rubbed our open fingers together and it was done. We were REALLY blood sisters.

A couple months ago, standing in Lisa’s kitchen with a glass of wine and her teenage boys and their friends stomping in and out, eating and making a lot of noise, we laughed again about that day. She told me that our P.E. teacher (who we immediately had gone to, shown him our fingers and asked for band aids) saw her and said, “Do you remember that time you and Aprill Bell cut your fingers open with the Snack Pack lid?”Wow. We were now in the Teachers’ Book of Lore.

But yeah,  it IS the stuff of lore, (our immunity to botulism for one thing), that almost 40 years later, in my blood sister’s warm kitchen full of love and laughter, I most certainly do remember that day, and the best thing I ever ate, on a playground, from a can, with a very handy, not-so-child-safe lid.


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