What would you do if you had assurance you would not fail?

Most of us are egocentric—or old—enough to have considered this question before. Or at least something like it. For instance, I’m a big believer in Plan B, or C, or, if necessary, D. I’ve had lots of Plan B’s. Soap opera star (steady work, some degree of glam and fame, but not over the top), herbalist (like certified after coursework, etc.), librarian (which would require a trip back to school) and best-selling author (which would require writing a best-selling book).

Determination, patience, confidence and focus also factors into the question. Only rarely has my determination been undermined by disappointment or enough forces against me to throw in the towel. And I mean the whole towel, throwing up my hands, walking away, shaking the dust from my feet kind of disappointment. Or, I wasn’t determined from the beginning.

And, at this point in the discussion, sorry (not sorry) to go all spiritual on you, but we already walk around with the assurance we will not fail. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” There you go. There’s your assurance. So the question, at least when I’m looking in the mirror, is then, “What’s stopping you?!”

There’s the spiritual stumper. The point where I start pointing. What keeps me from buying some property and sheltering unwanted dogs? What keeps me from retreating and writing that book? What keeps me from cooking all day with herbs I’ve grown in a garden. Well, speaking of something to eat—that. Love of money? I’m sadly sure. Funding our next travel adventure. Oui, oui!

I have the assurance I will not fail. Or fall. Or die from embarrassment. I just can’t believe it. Can’t trust it. Can’t close my eyes and fall backward. Can’t love enough. Can’t feel free enough. Can’t be assured enough.

Anyway, that was the long way of saying, “Dogs.” Something with dogs. And if people benefit as well (which they will), well, “all things work together.” It’s up to me to be assured.

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