Taking a Trip

In the next few days, we leave for another trip. Vacation. Adventure. Some time away. Getting out of Dodge. I love to travel. It’s been one of the greatest blessings of my life and of our thirty-plus-year marriage. My heart speeds up at the thought of seeing something else for the first time. And let’s face it, as the years go by, that quest to find, see or do something new under the sun grows more urgent.

Travel satisfies—the mountains, the beach, the lake, a national park—even if it’s somewhere I’ve been many times before, because I’ve never been there at that particular moment in time. Going somewhere is always different, depending on the day, the weather, our age, who we’ve lost since the last time, and who has come into our lives since we were there.

We all have our travel stories. Where we went when we were younger. What we did with the kids. Getaways full of passion and trips when we were sick the whole time. Maybe really sick. Scary sick. Anyway.

The point is, I believe there is a travel bucket in all of us that needs to be filled. Mine very well may have a crack in it and can never stay filled. I’m comfortable with that. Trying to fill mine has taken me all over the country and many parts of the world so far. Filling your bucket may take you to the lake on Sundays (I will happily join you any time you want) or to a family beach house. But you’ve got a bucket, even if you keep it safely tucked away in the garage or basement.

I have friends who went on a grand tour of Europe, one who went to a family wedding on Cape Cod and three (3!) friends who have each taken trips to Japan this summer. And this I know from my own travels—when they got back—home sweet home was sweeter. They were happy to reach into their underwear drawer instead of a suitcase. Shoes they were forced to leave behind looked like old friends. Their pets gave them a welcome home parade. And over the first few days back, ordinary became, for a time, extra ordinary. Normal was a refreshed new normal.

Yes, when we return, recharged and renewed, we’ll pull up to our house and my heart will beat a little faster. Without leaving, you can’t come home. And as everybody knows, there’s no place like home to plan your next trip.


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